ENQUIRIES: 01522 300737

ENQUIRIES: 01522 300737

New Range For 2024

Tuff Spas were originally established in 1999 and are now part of LPI Inc who own several brands of Hot Tub and are the number one Hot Tub manufacturer in the USA. With Tuff Spas you can be sure that you’re getting a Spa from a manufacturer that knows everything there is to know about Hot Tubs based on decades of knowledge and experience.

Whats New For 2024?

TT275 Twin Lounger Model

In addition to the TT150 with twin facing loungers, we can now offer a same direction twin lounger in the brand new TT275.

Tuff Spas TT275 Twin Lounger Hot Tub

New Sleek Moulds

Every model is now built from a brand new moulds with improved designs and better athletics.

New Hot Tub Moulds

The Same Filter In Every Model

If you have several Hot Tubs you will know the hassle it can be when it comes to changing filters. Every Hot Tub in the Tuff Spa range now has the same filter to make like easier.

Tuff Spas Hot Tub filter

Large Single Access Panel

Working in a confined space can be awkward, but with the large single access panel on all Tuff Spas maintenance and upgrades are a breeze.

Tuff Spa single access hole

See Through Pipework

Looking for a blockage or keeping HSG282 compliant is made simple with the see through pipework on all our Hot Tubs.

Tuff Spas see through Hot Tub pipes

1.5″ Quick Drain

With our new 1.5” quick drain emptying your spa is fast and efficient.   

Tuff Spas Hot Tub quick drain

Market Leading Features As Standard

Tuff Spa Hot Tub and lid contoured for a perfect fit

Engineered For A Snug Fit

Even though our Tuff Top lids are fully insulated, heat could escape if there were any gaps. Our Spas are designed so that the lids fit Snug and are sealed so that no heat escapes is wasted

As demonstrated by the 1 Stop Spas team, Tuff Spa lids are strong. Still not convinced? we give a lifetime warranty for good measure


Not only are Tuff Spa lids strong, easy to use, and energy efficient, they are also designed to drain rain or any other water away so you will never have water pooled on top

It’s well known that without good insulation it cost more money to run your hot tub. Not only do Tuff Spas have industry leading insulation, its also really easy to remove and replace when its time to service the Hot Tub

The Ultimate Hot Tub For Holiday Lets

HSG282 Compliant

In 2017 the Health and Safety executive published the HSG282 guidance for the control of Legionnaires disease and other infectious agents. If you are looking at a Hot Tub for a business setting including holiday lets, it’s extremely important that your Hot Tub is HSG282 compliant.

There’s various criteria to be HSG282 compliant including that all the pipework must be see-through. Tuff Spas are at the time of writing, the only Hot Tub on the UK market with see-through pipework, making them the only Spas that are truly compliant with HSG282.