ENQUIRIES: 01522 300737

ENQUIRIES: 01522 300737

About Us


Tuff Spas® are a respected and well established Brand with retailers located around the world. Tuff Spas® have been making rotationally molded hot tubs for over 25 years from their factory in Arizona, USA.

Tuff Spas® are famous for being the strongest and most durable hot tubs in the world and built for the harshest of climates in North America, where temperatures can be as low as -40C or as high as +40C in the same year.

This is possible due to their thick and robust sealed structure and by using industry-leading and environmentally-friendly removeable insulation named TuffSTUFF™ which is made from recycled denim and foil-lined to reflect and recycle heat generated by the pumps during use, thus reducing the time the electric heater is running and therefore making a Tuff Spas® hot tub much more energy efficient than most standard acrylic hot tubs.

Tuff Spas® are made to strict American Standards including APSP/ANSI, UL and soon to be UKCA standards. These standards are above and beyond the minimal standards within basic CE approval and include additional build requirements and testing such as anti-entrapment and energy efficiency testing – again, none of which are required within a basic CE approval that other countries work to.


Tuff Top™ Hard Top Covers:

Tuff Top™ Covers are standard on all UK version Tuff Spas from the TT series including the TT150, TT250, TT450, TT650 standard and Platinum versions. The Tuff Top™ is a patiented hard-top cover designed for ultimate energy efficiency, durability, ease of use and designed to last a lifetime, unlike industry-standard vinyl covers that last between 2-5 years and end up in landfill which is bad for our planet. Tuff Tops™ are designed to hold over 500 Kgs of weight in the closed position, making them perfect for business use also.

No expensive concrete base required:

Tuff Spas® Hot Tubs are an all-in-one mold with a built-in sealed base meaning that Tuff Spas® are the only brand of hot tub that does not require any prepared base – you can simply place it anywhere, even on grass – making them ideal for rental property or if you are intending to move home regulary.

Lifetime Warranties:

All Tuff Spas® come with a lifetime warranty on the shell, structure, base and TuffSTUFF™ Insulation and also on the main structure of the Tuff Tops™.